Consistency Is King

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No matter what you're doing..

.. if you're not being relentlessly consistent, you'll lose the game.

I know many of you are out there trying to build an online business..

..but are jumping around from product to product, course to course, opportunity to opportunity, marketing strategy to marketing strategy..

Keeping busy, but (let's be honest) accomplishing very little.

No matter what you're doing in marketing, consistency is always the most defining variable in your activities.

Email, for example.. if you're not emailing every day about your offer, you're not really moving forward.

If you're not posting a video every day, you're not really moving forward..

If you're not blogging every day and building links, you're not moving forward.

If you're not generating leads every day, you're not moving forward.

I know, there's all sorts of "yeah, but" excuses out there, and you can tell me different, but I will say this one thing:


.. every time all the time.

So? Let's go! You can do this.

But remember, every day you delay puts you at least 3 days behind.

So stay the course, be consistent, and start to get wins along the way.

Below are some stats from one of my Twitter accounts.

Over 8 Million impressions in January and 24,000 visits to my Twitter profile (where my links are).

How? Consistency and quality content.

Oh, and in this case by "consistency" I do NOT mean some cheap automation.

I mean (manually) providing quality content for an audience that wants it.

Simple? Yes. Hard work? Yes. Worth it? 100%.

Be consistent, don't give up, and the default result will be success.

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Any questions let me know..

~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 9 February, 2023