The quickest funnels you'll ever build

Created on 16 November, 2022 | FEEDYA Updates | 1,389 views

This is how fast it is..

I needed a lead magnet for a project I'm working towards..

.. and I needed it FAST.


I logged in to my FEEDYA backoffice, created a "Quick Funnel" project, and put together a completed lead magnet, with a squeeze page (integrated with my A/R), landing page, 4-page video series (both Youtube and uploaded videos)..

.. all in about 10-15 minutes.

.. and right now I'm adding a booking page with an embedded Calendly calendar..

Too easy.

Honestly. Looks great, works perfectly.

ZERO coding, none of that crazy tech stuff.

.. and did I mention it took MINUTES to create?

Oh, and all the pages already have built-in tracking and analytics. Pretty cool, yeah?

And it's all ready to "feed my audience", so I can "feed my wallet". Lol.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with.. not to mention the money you'll be able to make with us as affiliates..

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~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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