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I get it.

Your comfort zone is a nice place to be ..


Your comfort zone is a terrible place to be stuck (unless you're ok with mediocrity).

Progress does NOT happen without some sort of risk along the way.

And in this case, "risk" simply means: "I've never done that before, but I'm gonna DO it.."

I get it.

I also get that I wouldn't be where I am today in business without the "risk bumps" along the way.

The fear of success is a strong deterrent. Perhaps greater than the fear of failure.

If you truly WANT to succeed in digital marketing.. I mean REALLY want to succeed here..

You have to jump in, commit to the system, work hard, and get a bit uncomfortable.

This ain't no hobby. It's bizzznizzzz.

.. and it's awesome.

It's also fun, liberating, exciting, crazy, and very lucrative..

Sitting back and WAITING for great things to happen will find you in 2 years still waiting for great things to happen.

You have to GO GET IT.

Get upgraded in your FYA account (Free has very little value in digital marketing), and start building your list, and your team.

There's nothing more profitable for such a low ticket price ($20 to start).

If you want to learn about one-on-one coaching from me, set up a call:


Note: I created that page ^^ with my FEEDYA page builder in about 5 minutes, and it generates engagement and sales - go do it.

Have a great day.

Any questions let me know:

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~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 12 January, 2023