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Welcome to (FEEDYA.CO)

Created on 7 November, 2022 | FEEDYA Updates | 561 views | 1 minutes read

This is where it all begins..

What you're looking at is the 'updates' section of our company blog.

You'll get updates here, as well as announcements and anything else that we'll request that you check out.

What we have here is an unparalleled product/opportunity business that is available worldwide to anyone who wants to..

  • Feed their links and content reliably to their audience, throughout all media channels available online or offline.
  • Turn any link into a "multi-referral magnet".
  • Earn a solid monthly income while doing so as an affiliate.

There is nothing like this product/affiliate program combination in existence.

Well.. until now.

As we prepare for launch, we ask you these things:

  • Get ready to direct your links and traffic through our systems.
  • Get ready to build your lists faster and easier.
  • Get ready to build your own mobile-ready EZ "FEEDYA Pages" to sell more, quicker.
  • Get ready to track your advertising deeper and more efficiently.
  • Get ready to access over 130 more marketing and webmaster tools.
  • Get your list ready to be part of something special (and HUGE).

    .. and ..

  • Round up your "first five" referrals for our affiliate program. That's where it all begins..
  • Share THIS CALCULATOR PAGE with your own audience to get 'em drooling.

If you are an affiliate marketer, this is for YOU.
If you are a network marketer, this is for YOU.
If you have your own digital products, this is for YOU.
If you have your own physical products, this is for YOU.
If you have an offline business, this is for YOU.
If you have a services business, this is for YOU.
If you want to sell more, this is for YOU.

Get ready. This is all for YOU.

I'll keep you all in the loop as we get closer to launch.

~ Geoff Stephen / FEEDYA.CO Admin

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Updated on 7 November, 2022